Worksheet 1


September 5, 2023

The questions here have solutions attached. Follow the solutions to see what to do, if you cannot otherwise guess.

It is worth your while to work through these problems, and the ones in future tutorial worksheets, because they will get you used to how R operates, and gain you some comfort in coding simple things. If you do not work through these problems now, any issues that you could have dealt with this week (with help available) come back to bite you at the end of next week, when you will have an assignment due. This is stress you would do well to be without.

If you don’t get to the end in tutorial, it’s a good idea to finish them on your own time this week, maybe after Thursday’s lecture in the case of the last question.

1. Using R Studio online

  1. Point your web browser at Click on the button to the left of “R Studio” (it will show blue), click the orange Log in to Start, and log in using your UTorID and password.


This is about what you should see first, before you click the orange thing: